Fairy Fine Art Photography

Dallas Fine Art Photography 2Aren’t the photos from Chloe S.’s fine art photography shoot just adorable?

 I worked with Chloe and her other siblings over Thanksgiving, and I am definitely thankful for clients that let me experiment!

I do fine art photography for two reasons: to learn a new skill I can apply in your portrait shoots, and to unleash some of the creative energy I often get into a passion project.

This time I was learning about compositing, which involves me taking elements from one photo and applying them in another photo. In fine art photography, it allows me to make Chloe here look like she’s as tiny as these flowers. In family photography, it means I can take that photo where everyone looks perfect except for little Johnny and swap Johnny’s face out with one from a different photo.

And I am so pleased with the result! I think Chloe looks great!

If you want the cute tutu dress Chloe was wearing for her shoot, you can find it here:

Ooh La La Couture Girls’ Embroidered Tulle Poufier Dress